Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Public Health, Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases Preparedness and Response

Picture of Emergency Response Level

E-health screening form for Students and Staff returning from Places with Active Community Transmission of COVID-19

Infection Control and Preparedness Plan

Cleaning / Disinfection Guideline

Useful CHP Guidelines

Useful Information for Faculties, Departments, Halls or Colleges

Information Pack for Self-Quarantine

Health advice in other languages

Frequently Asked Questions for Close Contacts under Mandatory Quarantine at Quarantine Centres

7+1 Ways to Fight the Virus under the New Normal

Management upon notification of a confirmed case in workplace

Early Testing and Detection

Social Distancing

Inbound Travel

Wearing Masks in Public Places

Disease Information

Preparedness and Response Plan

For Mass Gathering and Public Functions

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For Workplace

For Residential Care Homes

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Personal Hygiene

Food Safety Advice

Health Education Materials

Factsheet, FAQ, Pamphlets, Infographics, Posters, Booklets, TV Announcement & Videos

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